Europe 2014: Donbass Rebellion

Main Events

7 Apr 2014 Kharkov People’s Republic

Pro-Russian protestors in Kharkov, Ukraine, proclaimed a Kharkov People’s Republic, only to be suppressed later that wikipedia

7 Apr 2014 Donetsk People’s Republic

Pro-Russian insurgents in Donetsk, Ukraine, proclaimed a Donetsk People’s wikipedia

27 Apr 2014 Lugansk People’s Republic

Pro-Russian insurgents in Luhansk, Ukraine, proclaimed a Lugansk People’s Republic, but it was quickly suppressed by the Ukrainian wikipedia

2 May 2014 Odessa Clashes

Pro-Russian activists skirmished with pro-Ukrainian demonstrators in Odessa, wikipedia

16 May 2014 Operation Dignity

Libyan Army forces under General Khalifa Haftar launched an assault on Islamist militia groups in Benghazi, including one blamed for the 2012 attack on the US embassy. The attack was the first in a general offensive—codenamed “Operation Dignity”—on the growing power of anti-government factions in Libya and marked the beginning of a new Libyan Civil wikipedia