Europe 1918: Collapse of the Central Powers

The Allied advances of August and September were too much for the Central Powers. Bulgaria accepted defeat on September 29, followed by the Ottoman Empire on October 30. Meanwhile Polish, Czech, and Hungarian populations began to break away from Austria-Hungary, while Germany negotiated an armistice with the Americans.

Main Events

29 Sep 1918 Armistice of Salonica

After requesting a ceasefire on 24 September, the Bulgarian government signs the Armistice of Salonica (a.k.a. Thessalonica) with the Allied Powers, represented by French General Louis Franchet d’Espérey, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The armistice ends Bulgaria’s participation in World War I on the side of the Central Powers effective as of noon on 30 wikipedia

17 Oct 1918 First Czechoslovak Republic

Czech republic proclaimedin wikipedia

17 Oct 1918 Hungarian parliament independent under crown figurehead

Hungarian parliament independent under crown figureheadin wikipedia

24 Oct 1918 Polish Independence Day

Poles at Cracow break with Austria-Hungaryin wikipedia

24 Oct–3 Nov 1918 Battle of Vittorio Veneto

Battle of Vittorio Venetoin wikipedia