Europe 1811: Battle of Slobozia

In the fall of 1811 the Ottomans advanced against Russian positions across the Danube but were forced to surrender much of their army at Slobozia when the Russians attacked and trapped them on the other side of the river. This defeat ended Ottoman chances in the Russo-Turkish War that had been raging since 1806 and in May 1812 they agreed to cede territory to Russia in return for peace.

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Main Events

5 May–29 Jun 1811 Siege of Tarragona

In May 1811 Louis Suchet’s 21,600-strong French Army of Aragon besieged an 18,000-strong Spanish garrison at Tarragona. Despite support from a British naval squadron, the Spanish were unable to fend off their enemy’s attacks and at the end of June the French stormed the city. Almost all the Spanish defenders were killed or captured for the loss of some 4,000 French, crippling the Spanish Army of Catalonia. in wikipedia

16 May 1811 Battle of Albuera

In April 1811 an Anglo-Portuguese corps under William Beresford crossed the Portuguese border into Spain and besieged Badajoz. The French marshal Soult gathered a 24,000-strong army to oppose this force, but by the time he arrived Beresford had been reinforced by a Spanish army under Joaquín Blake, bringing the total Allied strength up to 35,000. In the ensuing clash at Albuera, both sides suffered some 6,000 or more casualties and the French were forced to withdrew. However, the weakened Allies had to abandon the siege the following month when a much larger French army arrived on the scene. in wikipedia

14 Oct–5 Dec 1811 Battle of Slobozia

In spring 1811, concerned by its worsening relations with Napoleon, the Russian government charged Mikhail Kutuzov with ending the 5-year-old Russo-Turkish War as quickly as possible. Emboldened by the withdrawal of Russian troops to the Polish border, the Ottoman vizier Ahmed Pasha marched on the Danube, crossing it near Slobozia with 36,000 in September while leaving a force of 20,000 at Ruschuk (Ruse) on the opposite bank. Exploiting this situation, Kutuzov sent a force of 7,500 across the Danube to surprise attack and rout the Ottomans at Ruschuk while he himself simultaneously attacked the now-isolated main Ottoman army at Slobozia with his remaining 20,000 men. The Ottomans at Slobozia held out but eventually surrendered to the Russians in early December, ending Ottoman hopes of victory in the war. in wikipedia