Sub-Saharan Africa 1915: South West Africa Campaign

Political map of Sub-Saharan Africa on 22 Apr 1915 (World War I in Africa: South West Africa Campaign), showing the following events: Conquest of German South West Africa; Conquest of Kamerun; Baster revolt.

The defeat of the last of Maritz’s Boer rebels in early 1915 allowed the British dominion of South Africa to resume its offensive against German South West Africa. Approaching from several fronts, the South Africans overwhelmed the colony in just a few months.

Main Events

22 Feb–9 Jul 1915 Conquest of German South West Africa

After consolidating at Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, South African Northern Force under the command of Louis Botha began its march inland against Windhuk, capital of German South West Africa. Within the next few weeks additional South African columns would move into the south of the colony from Lüderitz, Cape Colony, and Bechuanaland. Making good use of the railways, the South African advance was rapid, capturing Windhuk in May. The remaining German forces holding out in the north surrendered near Otavi on 9 wikipedia

12 Apr 1915–18 Feb 1916 Conquest of Kamerun

In April 1915 the French and British troops in the west of the German Protectorate of Kamerun resumed their advance against the capital, Jaunde; a few days later, they also commenced their operation to capture the important northern town of Garua. Meanwhile the French and Belgian forces invading the protectorate from the south and east completed their conquest of the region of Neukamerun. Jaunde finally fell to the three converging fronts at the beginning of 1916, with the last German defenders surrendering at the besieged outpost of Mora, in the far north, the following wikipedia

18 Apr–23 May 1915 Baster revolt

Facing advancing South Africans in German South West Africa, the German colonial government attempted to relocate Baster troops from their home region of Rehoboth to the north. In response, the Basters—a ‘mixed’ Afrikaner-indigenous ethnic group originating from the Dutch Cape Colony—defected from German service en masse with their weapons and fortified themselves in the mountains to the southeast of Rehoboth. German attempts to pacify the Basters failed and were ultimately aborted as the South Africans wikipedia