Sub-Saharan Africa 1904: Herero Wars

Political map of Sub-Saharan Africa on 11 Jun 1904 (The Scramble for Africa: Herero Wars), showing the following events: Reorganization of French Congo; Herero Revolt; Entente Cordiale.
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Main Events

29 Dec 1903 Reorganization of French Congo

In 1903 the French Congo and Dependencies was redefined as French Congo—a federation of French possessions. At the outset of federation, these possessions consisted of the colonies of Gabon and Middle Congo (formerly called French Congo), the territory of Ubangi Shari, and the military territory of Chad. The federation was overseen by the Commissioner-General—from 1908 Governor-General—of French wikipedia

12 Jan 1904–? ?? 1908 Herero Revolt

In January 1904 Herero people led by Samuel Maharero mounted an uprising against German colonization and land-confiscation in South West Africa, only to be conclusively defeated at the Battle of Waterberg in August. In reprisal, General Lothar von Trotha ordered all male Herero to be killed and the women and children driven into the desert. Although this order was suspended by the end of the year, the surviving Herero were rounded into concentration camps or put to forced labor. By the time the last Herero rebels surrendered in 1908, tens of thousands had died either to violence or wikipedia

8 Apr 1904 Entente Cordiale

The United Kingdom and the French Republic signed the Entente Cordiale in London, improving Anglo-French relations by settling colonial differences: Britain was given dominance in Egypt and France in Morocco; disputes in West Africa were settled in France’s favor; France renounced rights to fisheries in Newfoundland; and Siam was to be divided into zones of wikipedia