Northern Eurasia 1922: Communist Tuva and Mongolia

With the assistance of Mongolian revolutionaries, Soviet forces expelled von Sternberg, leading to the creation of communist regimes in Tuva and Mongolia (although Mongolia retained its Khan until his death in 1924). These would prove to be the only two successful attempts to export the Communist Revolution before World War II.

Main Events

? Jun 1921 Forest partisans appear on Finnish border in Soviet Karelia

Forest partisans appear on Finnish border in Soviet Kareliain wikipedia

5 Jul 1921 Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1921

Discontent with Ungern-Sternberg’s occupation, the ascendant Mongolian People’s Party joined forces with the Soviets to oust the White Guards. Henceforth, Mongolia would be a Soviet wikipedia

? Aug 1921 Yakut revolt breaks out

Yakut revolt breaks outin wikipedia

14 Aug 1921 People’s Republic of Tuva established

People’s Republic of Tuva establishedin wikipedia

8 Sep–23 Oct 1921 End of the Persian Socialist Soviet Republic

Soviet forces withdraw from the Persian Socialist Soviet Republic in Gilan, allowing the Persian army of Reza Khan to occupy Rasht and crush Mirza Kuchik Khan’s independence movement. Mirza flees to the Khalkhal Mountains, where he dies of frostbite in early wikipedia

16 Sep 1921–19 Aug 1923 Wrangel Island fiasco

On 9 September 1921, a team of five settlers—three American men, one Canadian man, and an Inuk woman—sent by Canadian explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson embarked from Alaska aboard the Silver Wave, heading for Wrangel Island, in the Russian Arctic, to claim that island for Canada. The team arrived on 16 September with the intention of living there for 2 years, but by early 1922 one of the Americans had fallen sick and the other three men had disappeared after setting off to cross the frozen Chukchi Sea in search of help. When the relief ship finally arrived in August 1923, the only settler still alive was the Inuk woman, Ada wikipedia

28 Oct 1921 Bochkaryov takes Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka

Bochkaryov takes Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka