Northern Eurasia 1920: Battle of Warsaw

In the west, the Soviets had beaten back a Polish invasion of the Ukraine and reached the gates of Warsaw. However, at the 'Miracle at the Vistula', the Poles unexpectedly defeated their overconfident opponents. Still troubled by civil war, the Soviets were forced to sue for peace.

Main Events

3 Jul 1920 Occupation of northern Sakhalin

In retaliation for the Nikolayevsk Incident, Japanese troops moved into northern Sakhalin—at the time, nominally part of the Far Eastern Republic. They would remain in occupation of the territory until wikipedia

12 Jul 1920 Outbreak of Zhili-Anhui War

The Zhili clique denounces the Anhui clique, which currently dominates the government of the unstable Republic of China, in the widely circulated Paoting-fu Telegram. The denouncement has been signed by a number of generals from both the Zhili and Fengtian cliques, and brings the rivalry between Zhili and Anhui into the open in the Zhili-Anhui wikipedia

12 Jul 1920 Soviet Russia recognizes Lithuanian independence

Soviet Russia recognizes Lithuanian independence

11 Aug 1920 Latvian-Soviet Peace Treaty

Soviet Russia recognizes Latvian independencein wikipedia

12–25 Aug 1920 Battle of Warsaw

By June 1920, the Polish advance into Belarus and Ukraine was halted, and the Soviet Army began pushing back into what had been Polish territory before the outbreak of the war. British Foreign Secretary George Curzon petitioned the Soviets to ceasefire at what became known as the Curzon Line, but the Soviets refused and reached the Vistula by August. However, Polish forces intercepted and cut off the Soviets outside of the capital Warsaw, leading to massive Soviet casualties and a frantic, disorganized wikipedia