Northern Eurasia 1924: Death of Lenin

Following a number of strokes and possibly still weakened from a 1918 assassination attempt, Lenin died a year after the founding of the Soviet Union. He was succeeded by a troika made up of Grigory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev and Joseph Stalin, a man he distrusted and had privately denounced.

Main Events

? Apr 1923 Soviets crush Yakut revolt

Soviets crush Yakut revoltin wikipedia

13 Apr 1923 Soviet forces defeat Bochkaryov north of the Gulf of Okhotsk

Soviet forces defeat Bochkaryov north of the Gulf of Okhotsk

12 Jun 1923 Soviet resolution on Bukhara

Following the fourth meeting of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party in Moscow (9-12 June 1923), Josef Stalin, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, denounces the situation in the Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic, where he claims merchants and intellectuals hold power at the expense of the peasants. The Politburo then adopts a resolution on Bukhara, curbing the influence of the Young Bukharans in its wikipedia

19 Aug 1923–20 Aug 1924 Wells settlement on Wrangel Island

Charles Wells of Pennsylvania and a party of twelve Inuit settled on Wrangel Island, with their ship, the Donaldson, also rescuing Ada Blackjack, the sole survivor of Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s original colony. This new settlement lasted one year before being ended by the arrival of Soviet troops under Captain wikipedia

21 Jan 1924 Death of Lenin

Death of Leninin wikipedia