Northern Eurasia 1943: Battle of Kursk

After their defeat at Stalingrad, the Germans managed to stabilize their front once again and mounted a third summer offensive. This time, they intended to surround and capture the Soviet forces at Kursk. However, the Russians had anticipated this move and beat the Germans back with deep defenses and tank attacks.

Main Events

31 Jan–2 Feb 1943 Surrender of the Sixth Army

On 31 January Soviet forces advancing on the remaining German positions in Stalingrad reach the headquarters of German Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, commander of the Sixth Army, in the southern pocket and capture him. Two days later,on 2 February, the remainder of the Sixth Army under General Strecker surrenders to the Soviets, ending organized Axis resistance in the wikipedia

19 Feb–15 Mar 1943 Third Battle of Kharkov

In a series of battles around the city of Kharkov, German forces under Erich von Manstein counterattacked Soviet forces advancing through the Ukrainian SSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The result was a German victory, with the Germans retaking Kharkov and Belgorod and destroying over 50 Soviet wikipedia

5 Jul–23 Aug 1943 Battle of Kursk

Battle of Kurskin wikipedia