North America 1861: Confederate States of America

Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 08 Feb 1861 (American Civil War: Confederate States of America), showing the following events: Liberals enter Mexico City; Mississippi secedes from US; Florida secedes from US; Alabama secedes from US; Georgia secedes from US; Louisiana secedes from US; Kansas becomes US state; Texas secedes from US; Confederacy formed.

The secession of South Carolina prompted the other Deep South states to follow suit and by early February six more states had left the Union. Meeting at Montgomery, Alabama, they agreed to form their own independent bloc - the Confederate States of America.

Main Events

25 Dec 1860 Liberals enter Mexico City

Gonzalez Ortega’s Liberal Mexican army made a triumphant entry into Mexico wikipedia

9 Jan 1861 Mississippi secedes from US

The US state of Mississippi declared its secession from the Union, the second state to do wikipedia

10 Jan 1861 Florida secedes from US

Having begun plans to secede as early as 1858, the government of Florida voted in favor of the Ordinance of Secession on 10 January. Governor Madison S. Perry then demanded that the US military withdraw from the state, but local militia were unable to remove union forces from Forts Jefferson, Pickens, or wikipedia

11 Jan 1861 Alabama secedes from US

The US state of Alabama declared its secession from the wikipedia

19 Jan 1861 Georgia secedes from US

The US state of Georgia declared its secession from the Union as the “Republic of Georgia."in wikipedia

26 Jan 1861 Louisiana secedes from US

The US state of Louisiana declared its secession from the wikipedia

29 Jan 1861 Kansas becomes US state

The Kansas Territory was admitted to US as the state of Kansas. Kansas had attempted to become a state since approving the Wyandotte Constitution, but the deadlock over slavery had made Congressional action impossible until the mass withdrawal of most lawmakers representing states that had wikipedia

1 Feb 1861 Texas secedes from US

US state of Texas declared its secession from the United wikipedia

4–9 Feb 1861 Confederacy formed

The secessionist US states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana formed the Confederate States of America at the Congress of wikipedia