North America 1857: Filibuster War

Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 02 Apr 1857 (Manifest Destiny: Filibuster War), showing the following events: Third Seminole War; Filibuster War; Dred Scott case; Henry Crabb’s Sonora expedition.

Main Events

20 Dec 1855–8 May 1858 Third Seminole War

The Seminole retaliated against settler encroachment in southwest Florida, United States of America, massacring an army patrol near Fort Myers and mounting raids on settlers throughout the region. Eventually, army reinforcements forced them to surrender, and most of the remaining Seminole were relocated to the Indian Territory (Oklahoma).in wikipedia

1 Mar 1856–1 May 1857 Filibuster War

Allied Armies of Central America, led by Republic of Costa Rica, invaded the Republic of Nicaragua, which had fallen under the control of William Walker and his filibusters. Walker eventually surrendered to Captain Charles Davis of the US Navy, departing the country with 16 officers and promising never to return to Central wikipedia

6 Mar 1857 Dred Scott case

In the case of Dred Scott vs. Sandford, the United States Supreme Court held that African Americans couldn’t be American citizens and therefore couldn’t sue in federal court; and that the federal government had no power to regulate slavery in the federal territories acquired after the creation of the United States of wikipedia

24 Mar–7 Apr 1857 Henry Crabb’s Sonora expedition

Former California State Senator Henry Crabb and his band of filibusters intervened in Sonora, Mexican Republic after an alleged deal with local governor Ignacio Pesqueira fell through. Crabb defeated local forces near Caborca, but was captured and executed a few days later when Mexican reinforcements wikipedia