Northern Africa 85 AD: Revolt of the Nasamones

Political map of Northern Africa on 09 Mar 85 AD (Africa and the Roman Principate: Revolt of the Nasamones), showing the following events: Valerius Festus expedition; Limes Tripolitanus; Revolt of the Nasamones.
Festus 70?

In around 85 AD heavy Roman taxation in Cyrenaica pushed the North African desert tribe of the Nasamones to rebellion. Despite defeating the provincial governor in battle, the Nasamones were quickly routed and massacred in a Roman counterattack while they plundered his camp.

Main Events

70? AD Valerius Festus expedition

In 70 AD Valerius Festus, legatus of the Legio III Augusta in Africa, defeated the Garamantian attack on Leptis Magna. Although the Garamantes had historically deterred access to their country by filling up the wells with sand, the Romans now discovered a short four-day passage into the Garamantian heartland. Little else is known about this expedition except that Roman trade with the Garamantes increased after this date, and that the Garamantes were still regarded as an unconquered people by Tacitus (who published his History in 109).in wikipedia

75 AD Limes Tripolitanus

In 75 AD, under Vespasian, the Romans began constructing fortifications on the southern frontier of Africa Proconsularis, largely in response to the threat posed by the Garamantes. The Romans would continue to reinforce and extend these limes up into the 3rd century, helping protect the valuable province against raids from nomadic wikipedia

85? AD Revolt of the Nasamones

In around 85 AD the North African desert tribe of the Nasamones rebelled against Roman taxation in Cyrenaica, killing the tax collectors and defeating governor Gnaeus Suellius Flaccus. However, after plundering Flaccus’ camp, they gorged themselves on his wine and provisions, leaving themselves vulnerable to a counterattack. Flaccus massacred them all, prompting an elated Emperor Domitian to make the exaggerated claim to the Senate that he had “forbidden the Nasamones to exist.”in wikipedia