Northern Africa 276: Probus’ Revolt

Political map of Northern Africa on 15 Jun 276 (Africa and Rome in Crisis: Probus’ Revolt), showing the following events: Conquest of Saba’; Probus’ Revolt.

Just a year after Aurelian’s assassination in 275, civil war broke out in the Roman Empire when Aurelian’s general Probus challenged the newly appointed emperor Florian. Although Probus was only recognized in a few eastern provinces, and had a much smaller army, he quickly outmaneuvered and deposed Florian to become the sole emperor in September 276.

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Main Events

275? Conquest of Saba’

In c. 275 the Himyarite king Yasirum Yuhan’im (r. c. 265–87) invaded and defeated the Kingdom of Saba’, bringing a permanent end to Sabaean independence. From then on, the Himyarite rulers would call themselves “kings of Saba’ and of dhu-Raydan (Himyar)” and would adopt the Saba’ic language for their written documents. in wikipedia

Jun 276 Probus’ Revolt

When the eastern legions learned of the death of Tacitus and his succession by Florian in June 276, they proclaimed Marcus Aurelius Probus—their general and a veteran of Aurelian’s restoration wars—as emperor. Probus quickly gained recognition in Syria, Phoenice, Palestina, and Egypt, but lacked both the troop numbers and wider support of his rival wikipedia