Asia Pacific 1945: Occupation of Japan

US forces arrived in Tokyo in late August 1945 to accept the formal Japanese surrender and begin the occupation of Japan. Meanwhile, the Soviets completed their conquest of Manchuria, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. In Korea they approached the 38th parallel north, a line chosen by the Americans to temporarily demarcate their occupation zones.

Main Events

16 Aug 1945 Division of Korea

The Soviets accepted the US proposal of a temporary division of Korea along the 38th wikipedia

17 Aug 1945 Indonesian Independence

Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta read the newly-drafted Proclamation of Indonesian Independence at 10am, 17 August, at the house of Japanese Rear-Admiral Tadashi Maeda in Djakarta. The declaration marked the start of the Indonesian National Revolution against the Netherlands. The following day Sukarno was appointed president, and Hatta vice-president, of the new Republic of wikipedia

18 Aug–4 Sep 1945 Kuril Landing Operation

A small detachment of Soviet forces, carried by two mine trawlers from Petropavlovsk, landed on Iturup—largest of the southern islands in the Japanese territory of the Kuril Islands. Urup and the northern islands were then occupied from 22 to 28 August, with the islands south of Iturup falling in early September. On 23 August, the Japanese garrison on the islands was ordered to surrender, although resistance continued in some areas until 4 wikipedia

19–30 Aug 1945 August Revolution

Following the announcement of the Japanese surrender in World War II, the League for the Independence of Vietnam (Viet Minh) launched a revolution against the return of French colonial rule to Vietnam, taking control in Hanoi. Over the following weeks, the Viet Minh seized power across Vietnam, bringing an end to the Empire of Vietnam. On 30 August the Viet Minh proclaimed the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam under President Ho Chi wikipedia

28 Aug 1945 US Forces arrive in Tokyo

Beginning of occupation of Japanin wikipedia

2 Sep 1945 Formal surrender of Japan

Japan signs capitulation on board USS Missouriin wikipedia