Asia Pacific 1944: Battle of Leyte Gulf

From the Marianas and New Guinea, the Allies now converged on the Philippines, landing on Leyte in October. As the loss of the Philippines would cut their shipping routes to southeast Asia, the Japanese were again forced to send in most of their remaining navy; only to have it destroyed at the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Main Events

21 Jul–10 Aug 1944 Battle of Guam

US recaptures Guamin wikipedia

24 Jul–1 Aug 1944 Battle of Tinian

US captures Tinianin wikipedia

15 Sep–27 Nov 1944 Battle of Peleliu

US captures Peleliu, Palau Islandsin wikipedia

15 Sep–4 Oct 1944 US-led Allies captures Morotai

US-led Allies captures Morotaiin wikipedia

11 Oct 1944 Soviet Union annexes Tuvan People’s Republic

Soviet Union annexes Tuvan People’s Republicin wikipedia

20 Oct 1944 US forces land on Leyte Island

US forces land on Leyte Islandin wikipedia

23–26 Oct 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf

US destroys Japanese naval powerin wikipedia