Northern Africa 430: Siege of Hippo Regius

Political map of Northern Africa on 28 Aug 430 (Africa and Rome Divided: Siege of Hippo Regius), showing the following events: Vandal invasion of Diocese of Africa; First Battle of Hippo Regius; Siege of Hippo Regius.

By May 430 the Vandals had advanced across North Africa to reach the outskirts of the important city of Hippo Regius. Here they defeated a Western Roman army under the restored Count Bonifatius but, despite a 14-month siege, were unable to capture the city itself. Even so, the siege cost many lives, among them the famed Christian thinker Augustine of Hippo, who died on 28 August 430.

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Main Events

429 Vandal invasion of Diocese of Africa

In mid 429 Gaiseric led his followers—mostly Vandals and Alans, but also Goths and other peoples—east along the African coast from Tingitana, using his ships to help support his movements. By August the Vandals seem to have entered the Diocese of Africa, where they proceeded to ravage the countryside and sack a number of cities, before arriving on the outskirts of Hippo Regius late in the year. Here they were met by Darius, envoy of the Western Roman empress dowager Galla Placidia, who managed to negotiate a truce with the invaders, temporarily halting their advance. in wikipedia

May 430 First Battle of Hippo Regius

In early 430 the truce that the Western Roman envoy Darius had arranged with the Vandal king Gaiseric broke down and the Vandals resumed their march eastwards across the Diocese of Africa. In response Bonifatius—now re-installed as comes Africae—led his troops out against the invaders, but was defeated in around May and forced to take refuge in the nearby city of Hippo Regius. in wikipedia

May 430–Jul 431 Siege of Hippo Regius

After defeating Bonifatius in battle, the Vandals advanced to besiege the major city of Hippo Regius in around May 430, using their fleet to blockade the city from the sea. The siege lasted almost fourteen months until about July 431, when the Vandals, suffering from hunger just as much as the besieged, abandoned their efforts and drew back from the city. Among the casualties of the siege was the great Christian thinker Augustine of Hippo, who died on 28 August 430, in the third month of the siege. in wikipedia