Northern Eurasia 1941: Operation Barbarossa

In the early hours of June 22, Germany launched its invasion of the Soviet Union. Within just a few weeks, they were fighting for Smolensk, halfway along the road to Moscow.

Main Events

22 Jun 1941 Operation Barbarossa

At 3:15 am the Axis Powers led by Nazi Germany launched the invasion of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, bombing cities in a broad arc from Kronstadt to Sevastopol as some three million troops advanced across the border. Within hours the momentum of the Axis attacks had completely destroyed the Soviet organizational command and control, paralyzing every level of command, and it was only at 7:15 am that Soviet leader Josef Stalin announced the invasion to the Soviet Armed Forces and called upon them to wikipedia

25 Jun 1941 Continuation War begins

In the morning, the Soviet Union launched an air offensive against German airfields in Finland, unintentionally hitting several Finnish cities. In the wake of the bombings, the Finnish parliament accepted that Finland was under attack, declaring war on the Soviets. The war became known as the Continuation War, as it occurred a little over a year after the Winter War wikipedia

6 Jul–5 Aug 1941 Battle of Smolensk

Battle of Smolenskin wikipedia