Northern Eurasia 1921: Von Sternberg in Mongolia

While the Soviets battled the Green movement, White remnants were still at large in the east. One of the last major White generals was Baron Ungern von Sternberg, who invaded Mongolia with his Asian Cavalry Army.

Main Events

3 Feb 1921 Ungern-Sternberg takes Urga, Mongolia

By February 1921, the Russian Civil War had turned decisively in the Soviets’ favor. In response, the hardline White Guard General, Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, unilaterally invaded Outer Mongolia, with aspirations to restore the Mongol wikipedia

25 Feb 1921 Socialist Conciliar Republic of Georgia

The Red Army of Soviet Russia enters Tbilisi, capital of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. In their wake, the Revkom headed by Mamia Orakhelashvili and Shalva Eliava proclaims the overthrow of the Menshevik government, the dissolution of the Georgian National Army and People’s Guard, and the formation of the Socialist Conciliar Republic of wikipedia

? Mar 1921 Okhotsk coast and eastern Yakutia revolt, reinforced by White general Bochkaryov

Okhotsk coast and eastern Yakutia revolt, reinforced by White general Bochkaryov

2 Mar 1921 Kronstadt Rebellion

Soviet sailors revoltat Kronstadtin wikipedia

16 Mar 1921 Treaty of Moscow

Soviet Russia and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey sign the Treaty of Brotherhood in Moscow, undertaking to establish friendly relations between the two internationally unrecognized countries after both came close to clashing over Armenia and Georgia. The Soviets recognize the Turkish claim to Kars, while the Turks recognize Batum as part of Soviet wikipedia

18 Mar 1921 Peace of Riga

Poland’s victory over the Soviet Union enabled them to annex large areas of what had been Belarus, Ukraine, and wikipedia

18 Mar 1921 Ukrainian Socialist Conciliar Republic established

Ukrainian Socialist Conciliar Republic establishedin wikipedia

25 Mar 1921 Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic established

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic establishedin wikipedia