Key to the Historical Atlas of Northern Africa

Caveat on all the maps

These maps exist for educational and general reference purposes only. While all efforts have been made to make them as accurate as possible without destroying clarity, there is no absolute guarantee of accuracy. As such, these maps have no reliability for purposes of navigation, border disputes, or tribal claims.

These maps are about power and political reality, not legitimacy

International borders reflect those recognized at the time by most powers, colors reflect control at the time. Neither has anything to do with what was then or is now perceived as right or wrong, just or unjust.

Legend for the Historical Atlas of Northern Africa (spring 409)

Political Control Color Guide

As used in the Historical Atlas of Northern Africa (spring 409). May differ for other dates and regions.

Roman Empire, Eastern EmpireHunsPersia
Western EmpireChionitesAlaric’S Goths
Constantine Iii & Constans Ii

Stripes indicate regions of divided control or influence. Annotations and rollovers will often provide more information.

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Alliances are indicated by a frame around a polity's name on the map. Styles shown below are for the Historical Atlas of Northern Africa (spring 409). They will differ for other dates and regions.

NEUTRAL or Dependent Other countries and dependents


Multinational confederation
An internationally-recognized independent sovereign state
Dependent State
An internationally-recognized state under outside control
A state or region which is de facto independent but lacks widespread international recognition
A dependent region administered as a single unit
An effectively independent group of people with either little claim to independence or minimal unity (for instance: civil war factions, tribal bodies, cultures, etc.)
Dependent Group/Region
A group or disunified region with little or no independence
Microstate, settlement, base, or colony (same typographic convention as above). Color shows control.
Treaty port
Treaty port or leased facilities. Color shows control.
A note providing more information on a polity or region
The leader of a polity
A relevant capital city
A temporary or de facto capital or headquarters
A relevant city
A battle, revolt, massacre, raid, or other conflict
A siege
A relevant geographical point of interest


An internationally-recognized international border
A de facto, disputed, or poorly defined international border
Unrecognized border or military front


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