Australasia 1893: Partition of the Solomon Islands

Main Events

27 May–16 Oct 1892 Gilbert and Ellice Islands Protectorate

The general area of the Gilbert and Pacific Islands was declared under British jurisdiction by the British Western Pacific order of 1877. In May 1892 the Gilbert Islands were declared a British protectorate by Captain Davis of HMS Royalist. In October Captain Gibson of HMS Curacoa extended the protectorate to include Ellice wikipedia

4–19 Feb 1893 Brisbane Black February flood

In early February 1893 Tropical Cyclone Buninyong hit Brisbane, causing the Stanley River to burst its banks and flood towns downstream, including Brisbane and the nearby Ipswich Coal Mine. Two more cyclones hit in the next fortnight, causing more flooding and ultimately leaving up to one third of Brisbane’s more than 85,000 residents wikipedia

15 Mar 1893 British Solomon Islands

Britain declared a protectorate over the southern Solomon Islands, with officers of the Royal Navy formally hoisting the British flag and reading proclamations on twenty-one islands in the chain. The protectorate was extended to include Bellona, Rennell Islands, and the Stewart Islands in 1897 and the Santa Cruz, group, the Reef Islands, and others in 1898. The northern Solomon Islands remained part of German New Guinea until 1899, when all except Bougainville were transferred to the British wikipedia